J-3 Cub Flights and Banner Towing

cub flights and banner towing

Historic J-3 Cub Flights

Feel the wind in your hair at super slow speeds and take advantage of the thrill of pure flight.  This pristine 1941 J-3 cub has a large window that opens making photo and video easy to capture.

30 Minute Island & Reef J-3 Cub Flight $174



…and Banner Towing.

– How much radio air time do you have to purchase in order to reach your market?
– How do you reach tourists?  people at the beach?

The answer is simple: Banner Advertising. We fly banners that reach vacationers at the beach, that special someone with a special message, or the crowd at big events such as the power boat races or fantasy fest.

Sign options range from letter banners (individual block letters spelling out a message) to custom made gigantic flying billboards.

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